The happiest day of my entire life. The day that I married my best friend. Our wedding day was a dream. Ever since I was a little girl it was my dream to have a carnival themed wedding. I always joked about having a Ferris Wheel and rides as the main attraction at my wedding. I never really thought it would be possible for it to become a reality though! I remember waking up (after not being able to sleep all night) with butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited and so nervous! I couldn’t believe the day was actually here! My bridesmaids came to my house and everyone started getting ready and it still hadn’t hit me yet that I WAS GETTING MARRIED in a few short hours. I got my makeup done and then shortly after I was off to the temple to be sealed to my love for time and all eternity! After we were sealed, we walked out of the temple and I felt a rush of so many emotions I had never felt before. Our friends and family greeted us and at that point it still didn’t feel real. I didn’t believe I was a Mrs.

The first thing we did as a married couple was drive to Circle K and grabbed some drinks! (yes, I was there in my wedding dress) Then, we were off to our reception! The night was perfect. There was a Ferris Wheel, swings, the hammer, cotton candy, vintage sodas…all the things I had dreamed about for so long. The night was a blur and it went by so fast, but the one thing I will never forget is how amazing it was to be surrounded by our friends and family! I loved celebrating with everyone! We danced our little hearts out, and rode the Ferris Wheel and swings till we were sick and it was a BLAST. I sang a song I wrote to Dallin for the wedding and I got to see him cry for the first time EVER so that was crazy! Overall, the day was amazing. I am so grateful that I found someone so perfect and so kind and so loving. I don’t know how I lucked out so much but I am so glad Dallin is mine. I am so excited to be Mrs. Lambert and I can’t wait to MARCH FOURTH and cherish Dallin for the rest of forever.

LINK TO OUR WEDDING VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01YY6IdTdLI

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