DREAMY. I have no words for Venice except DREAMY. From the moment we arrived in Venice my heart fluttered with happiness! Everywhere we turned it looked like we were in a movie! From the cobblestone roads, to the gondola rides, everything was magical.

We went on a little dinner date to a cute family owned restaurant! We sat down to eat and of course PASTA was running through my mind. We thought we would be adventurous and order a seafood appetizer. Wellll…. the seafood appetizer actually wasn’t very good and we didn’t eat much of it. The waiter came over and saw we weren’t eating it and he was TOTALLY OFFENDED. He tried to convince us to eat it but that just wasn’t going to happen. Good news though!!! The pasta was amazing.

The next day we wandered the city and explored. First thing we explored: THE GELATO OF COURSE!!! WOW. The gelato was too good. We went on a cute and cozy gondola ride and it was as romantic and sweet as it looks. My heart felt like it could just burst in to a million pieces. Moral of the story, Go to Venice, Italy. You will not regret it.




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