As I am writing this I am watching The Bachelor and WOW is this a dramatic season or WHAT!?!? Anyways, Dallin and I decided we wanted to book a spontaneous 1 day trip to NYC! (We know, we are crazy..) But we had soooo much fun! It was an adventure for sure! We took a red eye to New York and arrived at 6 AM. When we got off the plane we went straight to the hotel and got ready fro the day! We started our day at a delicious breakfast place called Juniors Diner and we walked around Times Square! After that we visited Top of the rock and it had the most beautiful view of the city. We continued to explore and walk around all day long and our day ended watching the sunset at the Brooklyn bridge! We left the next morning and headed home and I don’t think I’ve ever been more exhausted but, it was totally worth it. Moral of the story is: Be spontaneous. Also, side note… I really hope that the bachelor picks Lauren B…I really like her and they would be perfect together! 1R6A00361R6A00581R6A00711R6A00821R6A00841R6A01191R6A01251R6A01941R6A05231R6A05381R6A06011R6A06071R6A06121R6A98391R6A98451R6A98701R6A99561R6A9967

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