This week I was in Utah with my family on a snowboarding trip. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited to go snowboarding because about a month ago I fell while snowboarding and sprained my wrist. My entire family was so excited to go snowboarding and all morning my heart was just pounding as I was preparing my stuff to go! I just kept replaying in my mind the fall I had just a month before and I really didn’t want to hurt myself again.

When we got on the ski lift my thoughts just went wild. So many negative thoughts came to my mind but most of all my mind was telling me that I was going to get hurt. I was full of fear. What was crazy to me was I had snowboarded many times before and I have always been pretty confident but for some reason I was just so nervous. When we got off the lift that is when it all began. I strapped on my board and it was as if I had never snowboarded before. I was falling left and right I was so unbalanced and I kept telling myself that I couldn’t do it. I laid on the mountain crying because I felt so pathetic. I was getting so frustrated because it wasn’t even my first time snowboarding but it might as well have been because of how terrible I was doing!

Luckily, I have the best husband in the world. He could tell I was struggling and was quick to help me out. He reassured me that I was a good snowboarder and that I had to get my fall out of my head. He told me that I needed to push the fearful thoughts out of my head and I needed to just take a deep breath and try again. Within a few minutes I was back to comfortably snowboarding and I had such a fun time! The second I changed my state, I felt a complete shift in my snowboarding. I felt confident, I felt balanced and most of all, I had so much fun.

I learned a very valuable lesson that day. In life you can let your mind hold you back from doing things. You can let FEAR control you. You can wake up every morning and tell yourself that you aren’t good enough or that you “can’t” do something and after a while, You actually will start to believe yourself. OR you can get rid of all of the negative thoughts and have faith and believe in yourself. Sometimes it might take a little extra motivation from a loved one to get you on your feet but you can do it! You can persevere and you can make it through.

Ok, Now I’m bringing it back to 2004. Anyone remember the movie ” A Cinderella Story” with Hillary Duff? Well, The quote they use in that movie is actually really powerful. She says ” Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” BOOM. Hillary Duff nailed it. It’s so true. Don’t let fear control your life. Choose to get up everyday and choose faith. I promise you’ll be a lot happier.


I love you guys!





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