The little things

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Happy APRIL! HAPPY SPRING! I love spring time for many reasons but mostly because of the beautiful blooming flowers. Recently I started thinking about how sometimes I take the little things for granted. I feel like I get into this routine of things everyday and I forget to have gratitude for the little beautiful things around me. Around Thanksgiving time everyone is full of so much gratitude and being thankful gets talked about all the time but I think it’s something we should talk about more!

I used to be in theatre in high school and before a show, my director would gather the entire cast together and give us a little pep talk. Before every show he would tell us the same thing and it has always stuck with me because it is so relatable. He would say ” think about this performance as a beautiful painting. You only get one shot to make every move and you need to give it your all because once the painting is finished, its done! You can’t take back a stroke that you made. You get one shot!” I relate that to my life often because every day we are given is a gift. Moments tick by and what are we doing to make the most of them? Some of you may have kids… I have a friend who says “You only get 18 summers with your kids” That really isn’t a lot of time when you think about it. Life is so precious and so special and every moment counts. So, I want to focus more on the little things. Learning to accept and love others, being kind to strangers, and just making every day count. Who’s with me!?

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