Dallins Song

t swift (1 of 12)t swift (2 of 12)t swift (3 of 12)t swift (7 of 12)t swift (8 of 12)t swift (11 of 12)Ever since I was a little girl music has been a big part of my life. I have always written music and I play lots of instruments including: piano, guitar, ukulele, and drums! Whenever I am having a bad day or if I just feel like I need to relax I will sit down at the piano and just play. It is my release. Before my wedding, I realized I had never written a song for Dallin. I thought it would be so much fun to sing a song for him at our wedding so the week of our wedding I got to work and wrote a song for him.

On our wedding day, I was soooo nervous all day because I knew I was going to surprise him at our reception and sing it to him that night. I will never forget sitting down at the piano and singing it to him. That was the first time I ever saw him cry! He just lost it! It was so perfect.

Here are some of the lyrics to the song I wrote him:

(maybe one day I will record it?)


Dallins song:

I would run down any Paris street

Walk the sands of every beach

Put a stamp on every passport sheet

If it meant you’d run away with me

I would sail the shore of every sea

fly through every galaxy

if it meant you’d run away with me

we could be together for eternity


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