Facetune_25-05-2018-07-56-53Facetune_25-05-2018-11-52-42Facetune_25-05-2018-11-54-54Facetune_25-05-2018-11-56-58“Your soul is attracted to people the same way flowers are attracted to the sun, surround yourself only with those who want to see you grow.”


This is so important. One thing I have learned recently is it is so important to surround yourself with those who only want to help you grow and succeed. Finding good friends sometimes seems so difficult! But I feel so grateful to have so many amazing people around me who I know I can trust with my whole heart. I have had the same few friends since I was little and I feel so lucky that they are still in my life today. Finding good friends is so important because I feel like I lean on my friends for everything. When I am down, When I need help I know those friends will be there! I especially think it is important for women to support other women.  It is so easy to compare, but we are all in this together! There are so many amazing women that inspire me every single day. Lets lift each other up. Lets help each other grow.


XOXO, Bella




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