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Oh Hawaii how I LOVE you. What a relaxing week! We had so many fun and exciting adventures. Some of my favorite things we did were: Scuba diving at Sharks cove, Snorkeling with sea turtles, kayaking to China Mans Hat, and eating so much delicious food. There is so much beauty in Hawaii everywhere you turn. The blue water, the salty air, and the amazing vibe of the island just make yay feel so blissful and happy.

Dall and I would absolutely love to move to Hawaii one day. I feel like the people in Hawaii are so kind and amazing and everything is just perfect. It feels like time just stops when you’re there. One of the most fun things we did was when we kayaked to China Mans Hat! We loaded up all of our camera gear onto the kayak and started paddling over to the island and we had no idea how hard it was going to be! There were waves crashing up against the kayak and the wind was super strong that day so we were going against the wind. I guess we just picked a crazy day to go! We were laughing so hard the entire time because we thought we were so dumb for bringing all of our camera gear on the kayak with us…half way through we were like WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!!! But, It worked out okay because we were able to make it across without anything getting damaged or wet. It was a miracle! The hike to the top was short and beautiful and when we reached the top there was the most breathtaking view EVER. It was unreal! We were the only ones up there and it just felt like a dream.

Everywhere we went was just so beautiful. We loved our time in Hawaii and we can not wait to go back! It might be even sooner than you’d think (; See you again soon Hawaii.

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