My fitness journey

You all have been requesting I talk about my fitness journey so today is finally the day! I definitely want to talk more about fitness on my blog because I am so passionate about it. I just want to start out by saying, I am not a fitness professional by any means. I also think it is really important to love your body in ever stage it is in. I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged because we are all on our own beautiful journeys in life. Everything I am about to tell you is just what has personally worked for me in my journey!

So first off, My entire life I was never really “fit”. I was a theatre kid throughout high school, I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t really care about working out. It was very rare if I worked out. After high school is where things got a little crazy. I moved out and started living on my own and thats when I really started to go crazy with my eating. I ate pizza hot pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I had never had to cook for myself and because I was only 18. I definitely started gaining weight, but not only that…I started feeling really gross.

Fast forward to me getting married. Dallin (my husband) has always been into fitness and he is the person that introduced the gym to me. The first time I went to the gym with him I felt embarrassed. I didn’t want people looking at me…I didn’t know how to use any of the equipment so I just went and walked on the treadmill for a while. I was very insecure and I really felt uncomfortable at the gym. Luckily, Dallin is so kind and he started teaching me the ropes. I slowly started to gain some confidence and learned how to work the machines and use the weights.

The app that changed my life is the “SWEAT” app by Kayla Itsiness. Everyday it generates a new workout for you to do and they’re simple and quick and I felt like I had my own digital personal trainer. I started using that app everyday and I began seeing results for the first time ever. I still use this app everyday!

I am 5’10 and the average weight for my height is 145-150 so I was a little overweight. I went from being 168 pounds to 140 pounds within months just by cleaning up my diet and working out consistently. (consistence is key.) The most amazing thing for me though was that I started gaining confidence and I just began to feel way better.

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So, I want to share some really important tips that have helped me so much in my journey. Again, This is what has worked for me.

  1. Don’t worry about what people think of you. NO ONE I repeat NO ONE is at the gym staring at you or judging you. Don’t be embarrassed to try new machines you’ve never used before. Everyone is on a different fitness journey and I have found people are really kind and supportive.
  2. Find what works for you! Do your research. I googled a lot of different fitness regimens before I found the SWEAT app and I tried a bunch of things and the SWEAT app is just what worked for me. Take your time to find what works best for your body.
  3. Switch up your diet. Nutrition is KEY when it comes to seeing results. If you are eating super unhealthy try to slowly start changing the unhealthy parts of your diet to healthy. You can’t out-work and unhealthy diet. Again, Find what works best for your body type.
  4. Be consistent. Plan out ahead of time how many days a week you are going to workout. Start small. Maybe only workout 2-3 time a week until you feel comfortable with pushing your body further. Set goals for yourself and your will feel so good when you reach them every week.
  5. DON’T COMPARE. This is a really hard one.  Lets be honest, There is always going to be someone more “FIT” than you. It’s very easy to get discouraged but realize that fitness takes time. You can’t just workout 3 times and have Carrie Underwoods legs. (Oh, how I wish it worked like that!) Just focus on yourself and your journey and you will feel a lot happier mentally.
  6. Find a workout buddy. Find someone who you want to go on this journey with! Keep each other motivated!
  7. Buy yourself a new workout outfit. This one is my favorite tip! It actually sounds really silly but it helps me stay motivated to go to the gym. When I have a new cute gym outfit I get so excited to wear it to the gym. And the truth is, When you look good you workout way better.
  8. DRINK WATER. It is so important to drink water and help cleanse your body everyday. Especially if you are working out. Challenge yourself to drink more water.
  9. Create a solid music playlist. Music keeps me going at the gym. I look forward to jamming out at the gym to my favorite songs!
  10. Go to the gym at the least busy times. It is nice to go to the gym when it isn’t crowded so find out when your gym is the least busy and try to go at that time!


Hopefully these tips have helped you out. I still feel like I have a long way to go, I have a lot of goals set for myself and I am at the point where I am genuinely loving this fitness journey I am on. I look forward to going to the gym every morning and it is a part if my everyday routine. So, If I can make this happen for myself I have NO DOUBT that you can too! We are all in this together. You’ve got this!



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