IMG_4636IMG_4186Finals (8 of 50)Finals (6 of 50)Finals (2 of 50)IMG_4727Finals (7 of 7)Finals (5 of 7)Finals (1 of 7)Finals (8 of 10)IMG_4383Finals (2 of 3)Finals (10 of 11)Finals (6 of 11)Finals (3 of 11)Finals (1 of 11)Finals (36 of 36)Finals (17 of 36)Finals (8 of 36)Finals (2 of 36)We had so much fun in Kaua’i!!! It is seriously SO BEAUTIFUL and lush and green and just amazing. It amazes me how kind the people are there. We went on a couple of excursions. We went on the helicopter tour which was unreal. I have no words. We saw so many waterfalls and the areas where they filmed Jurassic Park. We went over the Napali coast which was so gorgeous. I would highly recommend the helicopter tour if you’re ever in Kaua’i. Next we went on a catamaran tour of the Napali coast and it was breathtaking. The blues of the water, the greens in the mountains, It was just so dreamy. We also had the opportunity to go scuba diving at the forbidden island. If you don’t know, There is a forbidden island called Niihau and no one is allowed on the island unless you’re a full blood Hawaiian. Luckily, We were able to scuba dive around the island. We saw sharks, and beautiful fish, and MONK SEALS!!!! It was UNREAL. An experience I will never forget.

Overall, We had a great time on the dreamy island of Kauai. If you ever have the chance to go to Hawaii, I would 100 percent go to Kauai. Theres nothing else like it!

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