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Happy APRIL! HAPPY SPRING! I love spring time for many reasons but mostly because of the beautiful blooming flowers. Recently I started thinking about how sometimes I take the little things for granted. I feel like I get into this routine of things everyday and I forget to have gratitude for the little beautiful things around me. Around Thanksgiving time everyone is full of so much gratitude and being thankful gets talked about all the time but I think it’s something we should talk about more!

I used to be in theatre in high school and before a show, my director would gather the entire cast together and give us a little pep talk. Before every show he would tell us the same thing and it has always stuck with me because it is so relatable. He would say ” think about this performance as a beautiful painting. You only get one shot to make every move and you need to give it your all because once the painting is finished, its done! You can’t take back a stroke that you made. You get one shot!” I relate that to my life often because every day we are given is a gift. Moments tick by and what are we doing to make the most of them? Some of you may have kids… I have a friend who says “You only get 18 summers with your kids” That really isn’t a lot of time when you think about it. Life is so precious and so special and every moment counts. So, I want to focus more on the little things. Learning to accept and love others, being kind to strangers, and just making every day count. Who’s with me!?


This week on my Instagram (@Bella__Weems) I did a little quiz to see how well you guys know me! I thought it would be fun in this post to tell you all some fun facts about me!

1. My favorite color is YELLOW.

2. I absolutely LOVE the summer in Arizona. Most people complain about it being too hot and I live for the hot summer days.

3. When I first got an Instagram I actually thought it was just a photo editing app…I got it when it first came out and I had no friends on it yet…So I would post a bunch of photos on there so I could use the Instagram filters and then one day someone liked a photo of mine and I got a notification and I was like wait…people can see these pictures? I was totally freaked out!!!

4.  I can lick my elbow…no joke. I really can. If you ever see me in public ask me to do it and I will! haha

5. I play 5 instruments and I also LOVE to sing! I play the drums, ukulele, piano, guitar and flute.

6. I am 5’10 and I always hated being tall growing up, But now that I have a really tall husband I love being tall!

7. I own a jewelry company called Origami Owl and I started it when I was 14 years old!

8. I met Jenifer Lopez and built a locket with her and the next day she wore the locket and I found pictures of her wearing my jewelry in a magazine! I actually cried when I saw it.

9. I love to wake surf. It is one of my favorite things to do. I recently competed in my first competition and got first place.

10. I have swam with whales and sharks and stingrays and all types of wild life! and my husband and I are scuba certified!

11. On my honeymoon I forgot to put on sunscreen before going out in the ocean and surfing and I burnt my back so back I had blisters and basically the rest of my honeymoon was my husband rubbing my back with aloe! haha he’s a keeper…

12. If there is a song playing I am always humming or singing to it.

13. I used to only wear dresses and heels everyday but now I usually dress really casual with ripped jeans and Adidas.

14. I love gift giving. It makes me soooo happy

15. I love to travel and I have a goal of going to all 50 states this year! We will see if I can make that happen!


Anyways, if you read all of those fun facts you’re a real homie! I hope you all have a fan-cactus day! My puns are stupid. I know. Comment below some fun facts about you! I would love to get to know you all better!IMG_3398IMG_3399IMG_3405IMG_3407IMG_3410IMG_3416IMG_3419IMG_3420IMG_3421IMG_3424IMG_3428IMG_3429IMG_3439IMG_3440


Bella (3 of 21)Bella (5 of 21)Bella (9 of 21)Bella (18 of 21)Bella (20 of 21)Facetune_21-03-2018-20-57-21Facetune_21-03-2018-21-12-29Facetune_21-03-2018-21-16-00

I first have to start off by saying how much I love this swimsuit I got from Lime Riki. Their suits are so beautiful I love how confident they make me feel and they look great on every body type.

I want to make this blog post short and sweet and to the point because I know I could ramble on about this subject for hours. Beauty comes from within. I get a lot of messages from girls who tell me they wish they had more confidence or how they hate that they compare themselves to others and they ask me for advice. All I have to say is, you’re not alone. We all have days where we might feel a little insecure. I know I have plenty of those days. What I would say to you is remember that what really counts is whats on the inside. I have seen a lot of really beautiful people out there and the truth is, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside as long as you radiate your beauty from within.

I love this quote ” People may not exactly remember what you did, or what you said, but they will ALWAYS remember how you made them feel.” That quote has seriously stuck with me because I truly believe that. I want to spread happiness and kindness through everything I do because at the end of my life I know that how I treated people is what truly matters the most. So go out there and spread you inner beauty.


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I am so excited it is finally here! I have been dying for this jewelry collection to come out! Introducing The Moroccan collection! The beautiful blues in this collection have me dreaming of summer and a beautiful vacation. I love the movement in the chain and the earrings. While I was in Mexico I shot the photos for this collection and I seriously got soooo many compliments on the look! Everyone loves it! I hope you all love it as much as I do! HAPPY SHOPPING!





This week I was in Utah with my family on a snowboarding trip. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited to go snowboarding because about a month ago I fell while snowboarding and sprained my wrist. My entire family was so excited to go snowboarding and all morning my heart was just pounding as I was preparing my stuff to go! I just kept replaying in my mind the fall I had just a month before and I really didn’t want to hurt myself again.

When we got on the ski lift my thoughts just went wild. So many negative thoughts came to my mind but most of all my mind was telling me that I was going to get hurt. I was full of fear. What was crazy to me was I had snowboarded many times before and I have always been pretty confident but for some reason I was just so nervous. When we got off the lift that is when it all began. I strapped on my board and it was as if I had never snowboarded before. I was falling left and right I was so unbalanced and I kept telling myself that I couldn’t do it. I laid on the mountain crying because I felt so pathetic. I was getting so frustrated because it wasn’t even my first time snowboarding but it might as well have been because of how terrible I was doing!

Luckily, I have the best husband in the world. He could tell I was struggling and was quick to help me out. He reassured me that I was a good snowboarder and that I had to get my fall out of my head. He told me that I needed to push the fearful thoughts out of my head and I needed to just take a deep breath and try again. Within a few minutes I was back to comfortably snowboarding and I had such a fun time! The second I changed my state, I felt a complete shift in my snowboarding. I felt confident, I felt balanced and most of all, I had so much fun.

I learned a very valuable lesson that day. In life you can let your mind hold you back from doing things. You can let FEAR control you. You can wake up every morning and tell yourself that you aren’t good enough or that you “can’t” do something and after a while, You actually will start to believe yourself. OR you can get rid of all of the negative thoughts and have faith and believe in yourself. Sometimes it might take a little extra motivation from a loved one to get you on your feet but you can do it! You can persevere and you can make it through.

Ok, Now I’m bringing it back to 2004. Anyone remember the movie ” A Cinderella Story” with Hillary Duff? Well, The quote they use in that movie is actually really powerful. She says ” Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” BOOM. Hillary Duff nailed it. It’s so true. Don’t let fear control your life. Choose to get up everyday and choose faith. I promise you’ll be a lot happier.


I love you guys!







Today is International women’s day and I am feeling so fired up! I am so proud to be a woman. I thought it would only be fitting to tell my story today in hopes to inspire other women to reach their dreams and go after their goals. I guess I should start by saying, along the way, a lot of people told me that I would never be successful. That I would never be able to reach my dreams. That my ideas were stupid. I guess they just don’t know what determined women are capable of!

When I was 14 I noticed many of my 16 year old friends were getting cars for their birthdays! I was so excited because I was thinking ahead and knew in 2 years it would finally be my turn for my parents to gift me a car! I remember going into my parents room and telling them how excited I was for them to buy me a car when I turned 16. They both started laughing and told me if I ever wanted a car that I would have to work for it. I thought, there was no way that at 14 years old I would be able to earn the money for a car so I was very discouraged. I never could’ve imagined what would happen next. I went back to my parents and complained and told them how I would never be able to earn enough money and my parents suggested that I start my own business! They have always been very encouraging and they motivated me and told me I could do anything I put my mind to. So, I went online and started researching some things I could do to make some money to work towards my goal. I saw that there were a lot of other young entrepreneurs out there and I was very inspired by them! In the early days, we didn’t personally create the lockets. Lockets have been around for centuries.  I wanted to be able to further customize lockets by using custom plates, charms, dangles, and custom chains to use them as a keepsake that tells your story. This is what I did, and just like that, Origami Owl was born.

I started selling Living Lockets in my area and out of my house. People loved them. So after a while, we moved to a mall kiosk in the Chandler mall and I was SO EXCITED. After a while of sharing Origami Owl there, multiple people contacted us asking how they could get Origami Owl in their area and how they could sell our collection. We decided the social selling model would be the best model to use to continue to sell the Living Lockets, and we knew that other women could have the same success that we had early on.  I didn’t really know much about it and I had no idea that in 5 short years over 45,000 women (and a few good men) would join us and share our meaningful jewelry around the United States and in Canada.

I was able to buy a car for my 16th birthday! I decided to get a white Jeep Wrangler and she is my BABY! Her name is Alice. (Yes, I named my car. She’s like a child to me. Don’t judge me.) But what I have realized over these past few years is, Yeah, It was amazing to reach my goal and get a car but what really impacted my life and made a difference was being able to be surrounded by those amazing Origami Owl Designers. They inspire me every single day. They’re working their businesses all across the country and hearing their stories is what really has touched my heart. I am SO PROUD of them and all they do to inspire and make a difference in the lives of others. At Origami Owl our mission is to be a force for good, To love inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others. The coolest part about our mission statement is all of those beautiful 45,000 women have joined us in that mission of being a force for good. We are all changing lives TOGETHER.

So I guess what I am trying to get at today is, You never know what can happen for you. The power of ONE person is so powerful. One person can create a ripple effect for good in the world. One person can inspire others to reach their dreams. One person. SO if you ever feel discouraged or if you ever feel like you aren’t good enough trust me when I say you are perfect the way you are. Don’t EVER let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough to do something because I never would know where I would be today if I let the words that others said about me determine my worth and my value. Don’t listen to the negativity.

In closing, Us women need to lift each other up! We need to empower and support each other. I know if we do that we can all change the world. Together. I am so proud of all the  beautiful women around me who inspire me. Keep doing you girl! You’ve got this!



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ONE YEAR. 3.4.18

WOW. ONE YEAR. It just blows me away that it has already been one year. I can honestly say it has been the happiest most amazing year of my life. I remember before I got married talking to so many people and everyone said the same thing: “The first year is so hard.” I remember thinking but what exactly makes it “so hard?” I was so determined to make our marriage the best ever so I would never have to find out what that even meant. Well, I am here to tell ya that this first year has been perfect. Yeah, It’s not always easy but it has been so perfect in its own special way.

I feel like I have learned a lot this year. I learned to never go to bed upset or angry at him. I have learned I need to have more patience. I have learned that comparing yourself to other relationships is TOXIC. I have learned that I am not that great of a cook and I especially can’t cook rice because it is always either mushy or hard…I learned that I am really funny (or maybe he just pity laughs at all of my jokes) But either way, I’ll take it! I learned that time flies and it’s important to cherish the little moments. I have learned that traveling with your best friend is the best thing EVER and that seeing new places for the first time together is magical! I learned that marriage is really the best thing ever.


There is something so special about being married to someone. I know we are young, but I am so excited that we get to grow old together. No matter how cheesy this sounds… I am way more in love with him now than I ever was before. So Dallin if you’re reading this…I love you and I can’t wait for many more years with you! You’re my person. Below are some of my most favorite moments from the last year. 17103704_1129078383881835_7671193598587824510_nIMG_128120108543_1543475502392652_2826326138277785048_n21371349_1599137600159775_7618409185077216609_n20229134_1543475119059357_4382897738958807455_n







Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.14.31 PMCRUISE TO THE BAHAMAS.


28379101_1803286019744931_7575887623510501876_nHOT AIR BALOON RIDE.


17904342_1419945268079010_530691026177373912_n20621844_1566504700089732_5134652097467868735_n21150428_1590005357739666_7598669251710247323_n22449649_1640268699379998_1406559562374699123_nSEATTLE GUM WALL.











aniverasy finals (3 of 5)aniverasy finals (5 of 5)




Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.13.12 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.13.31 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.13.45 PMMORE ADVENTURES TOGETHER.


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As I am writing this I am watching The Bachelor and WOW is this a dramatic season or WHAT!?!? Anyways, Dallin and I decided we wanted to book a spontaneous 1 day trip to NYC! (We know, we are crazy..) But we had soooo much fun! It was an adventure for sure! We took a red eye to New York and arrived at 6 AM. When we got off the plane we went straight to the hotel and got ready fro the day! We started our day at a delicious breakfast place called Juniors Diner and we walked around Times Square! After that we visited Top of the rock and it had the most beautiful view of the city. We continued to explore and walk around all day long and our day ended watching the sunset at the Brooklyn bridge! We left the next morning and headed home and I don’t think I’ve ever been more exhausted but, it was totally worth it. Moral of the story is: Be spontaneous. Also, side note… I really hope that the bachelor picks Lauren B…I really like her and they would be perfect together! 1R6A00361R6A00581R6A00711R6A00821R6A00841R6A01191R6A01251R6A01941R6A05231R6A05381R6A06011R6A06071R6A06121R6A98391R6A98451R6A98701R6A99561R6A9967


Processed with VSCO with c5 preset386793B1-2918-4871-983D-9C0ECEDB4BBEProcessed with VSCO with c5 presetProcessed with VSCO with c5 presetProcessed with VSCO with c5 presetEC38B08B-D70E-42A6-BA5F-5B43B659D4BAVALENTINES DAY. This year is my first “Married Valentines Day”. Dallin and I are coming up on our one year anniversary too which is super exciting! The thing is, We never really know how to celebrate Valentines Day because we feel like it is mildly over-rated…All the chocolates, the flowers, the special dinners…Those are all things we have tried to incorporate in our everyday life. BUT actually now that I think about it, I love chocolate, flowers and food soooooo… I guess it is very fun to dedicate a day to celebrating all things LOVE. So, Happy love day everyone! I wish you all the best!





Roses are redViolets are blueif you were a flowerI'd pick you...


IMG_2423A5F7C8F5-4EA9-45E7-9C37-2D412D6A7EE3IMG_2424IMG_2419IMG_2429IMG_2431This week I had the opportunity to attend The workshop Phoenix by Bloguettes. All I can say is I left feelin like a BOSS BABE. It was so amazing to be surrounded by so many inspiring women who were just killing it in the spaces they were in! I feel empowered, inspired, and motivated. After all, WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS.

While I was at this event, I started thinking about some of my own personal expiriences. My life has been a whirlwind these past 6 years. (It’s crazy I started Origami Owl 6 years ago…) If you don’t know what Origami Owl is then click here: I feel like I have learned so much having my own business. I have grown in ways I never would’ve been able to if it weren’t for being an entrepreneur so today I thought it would be fun to share my tips for success with you! I have the opportunity to travel around and speak at a lot of schools and conferences and the question I get asked the most is “How can I be successful?” The answer is simple…

  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS. Don’t let anyone stop you! I know that sounds so cheesy but its true. You have to absolutely decide in your mind that you aren’t going to let anyone stop you from reaching your dreams and goals.
  2. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. This is so important! I couldn’t have done it without the help of people who supported me and lifted me up. Especially since I was so young when I first started my company.
  3. Persevere through the hard times. It is easy to get discouraged. Success isn’t one straight perfect line to the top. Its more like a zig zag looptie loop crazy rollercoaster that eventually leads to the top! If times get tough, Persevere. Push through it! YOU’VE GOT THIS!
  4. Create a vision board! I love vision boarding because it is a great way to put all of your dreams and goals in one place where you can visually see them and remember them each day. I like to keep my vision board somewhere where I will see it every single day!
  5. VISUALIZE. Close your eyes. Think about your goals. Think about what you want most in life. Picture yourself reaching those goals, then go out and reach them! It is always nice to visualize and put it out into the universe that you are going after your goals and dreams! Decide you aren’t going to quit! Nothing can stop you now!


OKAY! Those are some of my tips and hopefully they inspired you! Now, go out and reach those dreams! I know, It’s easier said than done. BUT, What are you waiting for?  I want to share my favorite quote with you that has gotten me through so much.



Now is your time. Let go of the things that are holding you back. Forget the excuses! Make it happen.




COMMENT down below what your dreams are!

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